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Family Book: Three Generations | Products & Services | , Co Laois | LIFESTYLE22 | , Co Laois

Family book: three generations

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Capture the life and times of yourself your children and your grand children in one book

In this book three generations can compile their wisdom and experiences. The grandparents can start the book and write everything they know about the extended family and ancestors. They add the family tree as well as their life experiences and wisdom. When their section is completed a son or daughter inherit the book and start to complete their share. Thereafter one of the grand children take over and complete their part of the puzzle. If completed the book will contain the colourful history of three generations in one volume. The core values of a family will then be noted as well as their unique life and experiences. There will be recipes of favorite meals as well as some natural remedies. In the book there will be a comprehensive family tree as well as a documented history. Layers of insight and wisdom covering more than hundred and twenty years will be made available to future generations and the world. Buy it for yourself or give it to your parents or grand parents as a Christmas present. The books are all hand bound by Duffy bookbinders in Dublin, they are made of special paper and so durable they can last for more than two hundred years.

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