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Family History Book; Six Generations | Products & Services | , Co Laois | LIFESTYLE22 | , Co Laois

Family history book; six generations

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Record you and your descendants’ legacy down to the sixth generation in one durable book. 

Be in conversation with future generations and make a positive impact in the world to come. Capture the life and times of yourself your children, your grand children their children and their grand children in one extremely durable book. In the end you will have a history covering 200 years. You will have layers and layers of stories and wisdom compiled over many generations. Descendants will be able to trace illnesses and other traits in the family so they can be prepared. With this book you and your offspring have the chance to tell the truth about your lives. Make it an heirloom and leave it in the hands of the eldest child down the bloodline or anyone else according to your custom. The legacy of your extended family will live on and inspire many to come. It will create a sense of joy in your children and give them the confidence to fulfill their calling in life. Buy it for yourself or give it to grand parents as a Christmas present. It can be personalised and is made on order after full payment is received. All books are hand bound by Duffy bookbinders in Dublin and will last more than five hundred years. It consists of special paper and can only be written on with black Indian ink and fountain pen. This is your life and history in the making. You owe this account of your family to future generations. Don’t delay, start today.

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