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Profile, | A lifestyle of love happiness | A lifestyle of love and happiness creates an envir...

With more than three decades of working as a minister of religion as well as being the CEO of a care giving organization, Rassie Erasmus is well equipped to understand the nature of caring and nurturing communities. Through many trials and tribulations he came to the conclusion that only a change in lifestyle will transform people permanently. Inspiring talks and best-selling books only bring temporary change and sometimes this change can be harmful.

Talking and preaching won’t change much in the world, what would really make a difference is a change of heart. Lifestyle22 is a change of heart and the creation of a new being. This way of going through life is nothing new. Sages of ancient times laid down the foundation of this type of thinking in many books and writings and many of those works are still available today. They have been practiced over many thousands of years in various communities. One of these sources is the Bible with sixty six different books put together in one volume and translated in almost every language and dialect on earth.

Assembling all this wisdom and putting it together Rassie has created seven easy steps to change the way people will make decisions in future. This different new way of living is called Lifestyle22. Supportive communities living according to the principles of Lifestyle22 is his hope for a world on edge. In this lifestyle people are thus encouraged to take decisions that will have a bearing on their grand-children and great-grandchildren. We pray that this caring and nurturing world of love and happiness will spread throughout the world and create a sustainable future for our children.

RSE Erasmus

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