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A lifestyle of love happiness - Weekly Inspiration - A lifestyle of love and happiness creates an environment where people can grow and find hope and a purpose for themselves and others.
Weekly Inspiration

How exercise can raise self esteem!


A Workout in a gym is a word that the Bible didn't use nor understood.  The word for a workout in a gym "gumnatio" (in Greek) that we use today was used in a very different manner in ancient times! Then the word was used for exercising power over others not physical exercise. A "gumnatio" was an authority not a place full of weights and training equipment.


So why then does the Bible not have a word for working out in a gym. They had enough exercise. Their whole daily life was a workout.


The ancient people, were always busy doing physical things Gen 24 : 19 Rebecca quickly emptied the jar from her shoulder, and ran to the well to get more water, … until she watered all the animals. Rebecca's jar probably held 10 litres of water and weighed close to 18 kg's when full. She walked 2 km from her house to the well and to water the animals walked 50m up and down. And she did all of this running. To me this sounds like a very good workout! Rebecca was probably 16 years old when she carried water to her house every day.


The Biblical people danced a lot! even in Church, David danced when they brought the ark of the covenant into Jerusalem, 2 Samuel 6 : 14 David wearing only a linen cloth round his waist, danced with all his might to honour the Lord.


They danced in National festivities, when David defeated the Philistine Goliath, women came out in the streets and danced! 1 Sam 18: 6. Women from every town in Israel came out to meet king Saul … dancing and playing tambourines. Women from all over Israel had the ability to dance and play joyful songs. It wasn't something they just taught themselves after the battle with Goliath, they did that many times before as well. Part of their social get together as women included enhancing their skill as dancers.


Battles in ancient times were fought by muscle power not by high tech missiles and canons. They did not even have assault rifles they fought with heavy clothes, body armour and swords. David a non trained soldier could not walk with the heavy armour because he wasn't trained in that. 1 Samuel 17 : 38 he gave his own armour to David for him to wear, a bronze helmet, which he put on David's head, and a coat of armour. David strapped Saul's sword over the armour and tried to walk, but he couldn't. The armour was too heavy for the untrained soldier. It is unimaginable how strong and fit a soldier had to be to walk in his own heavy armour and be able to fight with a heavy sword and kill somebody else! All young boys had to learn the art of sword fighting to be able to stand up to enemy raids now and then! They had to have a daily workout to be able to serve in the army!


Because their future depended on it, they fought very hard! Physically it was a grueling workout, almost like an iron man race. It could carry on for more than twelve hours of physical activity. Many of them could be running out of fuel very fast. Even in fighting they were sometimes not fed adequately! 1 Sam 4: 9,  Be brave Philistines! Fight like men, or we will become slaves of the Israelites just as they were our slaves. So fight like men!


The only mode of transport was donkeys but when you need really fast speed-services there was nothing better than human runners. 2 Samuel 18: 9, Let me run to the King with the good news that the Lord saved him from his enemies. It is true that not every human being at that stage was running for a livelihood but many young people probably ran as messengers.



There were no cranes or mechanical arms in those days. Building work had to be done by hand. They had to work themselves. All buildings were built manually. Nehemiah 3: 5, The Men of Tekoa built the next section…  (Then there were fat and important guys who didn't want to work. They are the prototype of modern man). … Leading men of the town refused to do the manual labour assigned to them by the supervisors.


To conclude, the life of an ordinary person 3000 to 5000 years ago was mostly active. They had a moderate calorie intake with little sugar and fat, they must have been gorgeous people! Beautifully built and strong as beasts!


The Bible will take it for granted that you are physically active and healthy as far as possible. Extreme obesity was scarce and you could find it probably only in noblemen and kings. To be physically active is hence a no-brainer!


Make time for exercise, a workout at least every second day is one of the most important spiritual things you can do! God needs you in his kingdom to work for him. You must be fit and strong to endure! Why would you put your life in jeopardy and waste yourself? You are important your skills are needed by Him therefore look after yourself. Be fit and healthy!


Praise the Lord Amen!

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