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A lifestyle of love happiness - Weekly Inspiration - A lifestyle of love and happiness creates an environment where people can grow and find hope and a purpose for themselves and others.
Weekly Inspiration

How humbleness is part of selflove.

Paul says clearly in Romans 12: 3, do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment. A person who really loves himself will be humble not arrogant!

There is no worse thing than to get egg on your face because you thought too much of yourself. Pride comes before the fall we all know that saying. It is important that you regard yourself highly and have respect for your own abilities but do not boast about it. You can rather be humble in attitude but let your actions be bold and good.  The most dangerous thing is to think that you are very important and powerful and let that feeling get the better of you!

There was once a man called Haman he was a royal official in Babylon at the time of King Xerxes in 800BC. Pleased with himself because of his high position and vast wealth his confidence levels soared to dangerous heights. As with people who don’t understand humbleness he was enraged with others who didn’t show him respect or bow in his presence. Mordecai was a Jew living as an exile in Babylon at the time. He was mostly sitting at the King’s gate because his adopted daughter was the queen. Jews only had respect for their God Yahweh and did not regard humans as elevated beings. He did not see Haman as a god or noble man hence not showing due respect or bowing when Haman passed him. This act of insubordination infuriated Haman to the extreme.

So full of himself was he that he did not recognize the danger of getting carried away by his anger and wrath. Haman holding power over many things decided to get rid of his problem (Esther 3). With such a high regard of himself and his position he started to let personal grudges cloud his judgment.

When he passed a law to execute Mordecai’s people and for that matter Mordecai himself it never slipped his mind that he could be on the wrong path and in mortal danger. A good principle will always be to investigate the guy you want to kill. Who are his relatives, friends and closest family. He hated Mordecai so much that he did not follow the basic rules. Supported by his sick excessive self regard he was so arrogant that he built a gallows for Mordecai’s execution before he even talked to the king about it.

Queen Esther was, unfortunately for Haman, related to Mordecai and the Jews whom Haman planned to kill. Haman did not know that or cared to find out as bigheaded people mostly do. Esther fighting to keep her people alive was the humbleness itself. Even when she was crowned as queen she stayed humble and later will fall at the king’s feet when looking for his attention or asking something. Haman didn’t do that.

In her quest to save her people Esther beg the king to come to a banquet she arranged and ask that Haman must be present as well. Haman was so fired up because he thought he is now so important that he was in the inner circle of the kingdom. He even boasted to his family and friends about it. Haman’s worst nightmare started when he went to discuss Mordecai’s execution with the King the following morning. The King asked him what must be done to honor somebody. Haman under the impression that he was the chosen one made a lot of very good suggestions. The King found them good and declared that it must be done to Mordecai because he (Mordecai) uncovered a plot to murder the King and was never compensated for that (Esther 6). Haman had to parade Mordecai through the streets on the King’s horse and in the king’s robe. That being done Haman had to attend the banquet, his last meal on earth!

At this famous banquet Esther exposed him as the cruel murderer who are planning to execute her people including Mordecai. The King was extremely shocked and outraged by this evil man, he commanded his immediate execution. Haman’s pride resulted in his death on the gallows he built for Mordecai. If Haman had any regard for himself, his family or his children he would have been very cautious not to be too important. Pride can cause your downfall very easily, don’t fall into that trap.

To love and cherish yourself means to be humble. Do not think of yourself more than you should. Rather go about your business as normal and do your best, someday you could be honored in an unexpected way. Talk small but do big not the other way around!

Rasmus SE Erasmus


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