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A lifestyle of love happiness - Weekly Inspiration - A lifestyle of love and happiness creates an environment where people can grow and find hope and a purpose for themselves and others.
Weekly Inspiration

Embrace your current situation

It must be very disturbing to think that you are losing out on something. That there are things you should have had and you don’t have them. As if to say that there is something wrong with your situation, your position in life or your family. Many people reach a point in their life where they question their decisions, their choices and their state of well-being. These thoughts make them unhappy and discouraged because most of the time there is very little that can be done about it.


To make it harder many books have been written about the improvement of life. Authors of these books declare that it is wrong to suffer, to be poor, to struggle to make ends meet. Faith and a positive outlook will do the trick, they say. You will become rich and famous, if you follow some well worked out rules. Unfortunately these quick fixes don't work and they only enhance the feelings of unhappiness and distress.


People who question their position in life eventually become discontent, cross and angry. They compare themselves with others and see how other people are richer, more successful and clever than they are. Many then turn on their fellow human beings, hurt them, despise them and sometimes kill them! The deadly sin of greed can easily raise its head here.


There is no use comparing your social and financial situation to others. There will always be somebody with more money than you. There will also be many more with less money than you! Why would you want to compare your state of affairs with others and in the process rob yourself of happiness and peace?


Your situation and position in life is the best you can have at the moment. Your job, your work, occupation and family are the best you can ever dream of. Maybe it is true that you are suffering at the moment and that you don't have many material possessions. It could be that you have had bad luck and things worked against you, even lost your job. Regardless of how bad everything seems don't worry! There is nothing wrong or sinister about your situation at the moment. You have to make the most of it. Your current predicament could be extremely valuable in future!


Sometimes we would spend so much energy on feeling depressed about what we don't have that we miss out on what we do have! It is very important that we take advantage of what we currently have. Many times things that looked worthless at one stage became extremely precious over time. People who looked like losers became heroes later on in life. Don't look down on what you have at the moment it could be something very precious!


Using what you have in a clever way can bring a lot of satisfaction to your troubled mind. Don't be fooled by your circumstances and situation, change the minus into a plus. Use the negative and make it a positive. Be creative and innovative, you will find a solution! Something good and positive could come out of your current situation. If you however compare yourself with others, sit and sulk, are angry all the time, opportunities will pass by you unnoticed. You won't be able to see new possibilities and a fantastic and happy life will just slip away under your nose. Be happy with where you are at the moment and make the best of it!


I conclude with this little wisdom that was posted on Twitter A good life is when you assume nothing, do more, need less, smile often, dream big, laugh a lot and realize how blessed you are”

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