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A lifestyle of love happiness - Weekly Inspiration - A lifestyle of love and happiness creates an environment where people can grow and find hope and a purpose for themselves and others.
Weekly Inspiration

Appreciate what you have

There was once a very clever man who said the following: “It is better to be satisfied with what you have than to be always wanting something else. Ecclesiastes 6: 9

In life we can’t have everything but woe to you if you lose that which belongs to you. Every little thing given to you and every small possession that belongs to you are put in your care and left under your custody. You are responsible for it and you must give an account for those things that belong to you! It doesn’t matter how small or how little it is, it must be properly handled and skillfully used!

Long ago there was a young man who possessed a birthright for being the oldest son in the family. The man’s name was Esau. Being a good hunter and ardent archer he spent most of his time outside. The bush and wilderness were his playing fields and comfort zones. Dependent on his physical strength and survival skills he didn’t think much of family life and the traditions involved in the Middle East at that time. As a young man he was strong and capable these abilities gave him the confidence to think that he could make it on his own. Esau had a brother who was a home bird, spending much of his time with his mother in the kitchen. Jacob, the softer guy, had much more reverence for family things and traditions than his brother. Jacob realised the importance of the birthright of the oldest son and being second in line he found himself regretting the fact that he would never be in that precious position.

One day Esau came home from a hunting trip and was very hungry. Smelling the food, he asked Jacob to give him some of the stew because he was starving. Jacob saw this as an opportunity to get what he wanted. He said to Esau, that he would give him food on condition that he surrendered the birthright to him. Regarding the birthright as meaningless he sold it to Jacob with an oath for the stew and bread. That was the most serious mistake he ever made. Esau regretted this forever, his lamentations and cries could never bring it back.

When the time came to be blessed by their father, Jacob got the blessing that goes with the birthright and Esau missed out. He, so the Bible says, burst out with a loud and bitter cry and said to his father: “Bless me too my Father!” Isaac then said; “Your brother (deceitfully) took your blessing” The truth however is that Esau had no regard for his possessions and had no respect for what he had. He threw it all away and paid dearly for his fault.

Many years later the same thing is said about the Israelites. “They despised a pleasant land and did not believe in God’s promise.” Psalm 106 : 24. Machiavelli once said the following about loving one’s country, he said religion made people soft thereby opening the country to exploitation: “This way of life then, seems to have made the world soft because the majority of able men questing after paradise thinks more of putting up with blows than avenging them” Machiavelli felt that if you love something like your country you will be prepared to struggle for it! Religion however made men daydream of a better life and in the meantime they neglected their current obligations and paid dearly for it. Loving God and fearing him doesn’t mean that you can live irresponsibly and throw things away that belong to you.

It is important that we see a bigger picture and always keep in mind that there is a time for everything. God will fulfill his promises and listen to our prayers. All we need to do is to be patient. In the meantime every little thing bestowed on you is precious and important, don’t lose it or sell it!

In Lifestyle 22 we are extremely protective about what we have and will never ever give it away

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