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A lifestyle of love happiness - Weekly Inspiration - A lifestyle of love and happiness creates an environment where people can grow and find hope and a purpose for themselves and others.
Weekly Inspiration

Indulge in the truth

When you tell a lie the effect of that lie will always snowball out of proportion and become a monstrous tool of destruction. You will in the end regret the whole thing and wish you had spoken the truth in the first place. The truth, sometimes very hard to reveal, will always set you free and in the long run will make things much easier. The best way to handle any complicated situation is to bring things into the open. When they are in the open you can address them.

One Prophet felt so strongly about speaking the truth that in the time of the exile of his nation, he made it one of the conditions for restoration. “Speak the truth to each other and render true and sound judgement in your courts; do not plot evil against your neighbour and do not love to swear falsely. I hate all this declares the Lord” Zechariah 8:16.

There was once a man called Jonah he had a deep secret and had to tell the truth in a very humiliating and embarrassing way. Jonah quieted his job and boarded a ship that would take him away from his obligation and calling. His job was to go to a wicked nation called Nineveh to talk to the inhabitants about their bad human-rights record. He didn’t really care about them because they were seen as enemies of the Jews. Being very proud and nationalistic he could not bear the fact that God is merciful to others as well. His secret was intolerance and exclusion, he didn’t like people of other nations and this accounted for his disobedient and uncaring behaviour. Nobody knew this and they were oblivious of the danger this could bring to them all.

While on the boat a storm gathered and gradually became so severe that the crew started to take emergency measures. Jonah immediately realised that he was the problem and the storm was directly related to his disobedience. He had to admit everything, even if it meant his downfall and possible death, he had no other honourable choice. He could keep quiet and cause the death and misfortune of many others as well. Jonah fortunately, had the guts and character to admit and tell the truth: “I know it is my fault that you are caught in this violent storm” Jonah 1 : 12. So he started to tell them everything, who he was, why he was on the ship and where he should’ve been! Jonah had to bring everything into the open, and only then, things started to come right.

When we do not tell the truth and admit our guilt, things will go terribly wrong and we will drag other people into our trouble as well. How would you feel if you knew, that you were the reason other people, especially women and children, would suffer because of your little secret or terrible fault. It is much better to admit your mistake, feel embarrassed and ashamed than to make it worse and create the downfall of many.

 Have you ever realised the chilling truth that you could be the reason for the pain and suffering of others? Or that you could be the one preventing something working properly or going smooth.

 The Wise family will realize their negative influence, admit their mistake and clean up the mess, just as Jonah did it. He asked the crew to throw him overboard, and the moment they did that, the sea calmed down and everything went back to normal. When Jonah spoke the truth calm and peace replaced horror and turmoil. The Lord detests lying lips, but he delights in men who are truthful. Proverbs 12 : 22.

 Lifestyle22 speaks the truth and only the truth at all times!

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